Respect The Process.

Neil Maguire | 2014-07-14 05:04:15


I have recently joined a newly opened gym local to me in Liverpool. This is not your stereotypical health and fitness spa type gym. It’s in an old industrial warehouse on the outskirts of the city center that used to be used as a storage facility for the grain industry (close links to the River Mersey). I certainly wouldn’t label it your spit and sawdust type gym, but I’d certainly describe it as raw, blunt in its message that hard work will get you the results you’re after.

Now this isn’t a promotional article, there is hook line here that’s sits quite perfectly with our outlook of lifestyle modification, improvement and the road to better being. The hook line is the gyms motto, advertised on a huge banner on the back wall, impossible to miss upon entry (even when you’re half asleep for their 6:30am circuit class), ‘RESPECT THE PROCESS’. This resonates on a host of levels for me, as it should with you as well.

Change should be respected. For many change may be feared, or it may even be approached with the upmost enthusiasm, but either way it should always be respected. In terms of lifestyle modification, improvements are the result of a process. There is no quick fix here. One weeks worth of change will not suffice. If you pursue change with hopes of seeing and feeling significant results within 7 days, then you’re unfortunately setting yourself up for failure. My message is to show change the respect it deserves. Your change will likely be met with a stress, it’s a given. This maybe a mental stress as you’re taken out of a comfort zone and habit, or it may be a physical stress if you’re beginning a more active lifestyle. Do not let this deter you, ‘RESPECT THE PROCESS. It will take time. Do not feel down if you do not see results immediately, persevere, keep going, keep on your path – it’s the right one, it just may not feel it yet. Be assured however, that with the right application you will see results. Your body is an amazing tool, it will respond and adapt to the positive changes you subject it to. You’ll know when the improvement presents itself. It’s an amazing feeling. Whether is be your power walk turning into a little jog, or your jog ending in a little ‘kick’ of speed. It could simply be your increased energy throughout your daily routine, or even the additional productivity in work, the list could go on but it will be unique to you.

Once that improvement arrives though, the sense of satisfaction will be sure to drive you on because at that point – through perseverance – you’ve earned it.


Neil Maguire

Research Associate, Rescon Ltd.