The 98-year-old Fitness Instructor

Adie Blanchard | 2014-07-19 08:48:33

To add to my growing list of blogs on inspirational people, is 98-year-old Hildegard Gigl. She teaches a fitness class adapted for seniors at the retirement complex she also lives in.

Hildegard has been teaching the classes for 10 years to those over 75, where she now runs the half-hour class twice weekly. During the class she helps others to exercise the whole body from their toes to their minds, where they lift soup cans instead of dumbbells and do push ups against a wall whilst listening to Big Band tunes.

Turning 99 this month (June) she sets a great example to others living in the complex, helping to keep herself and others mobile, motivated and happy. Here’s a video to watch:

There are many benefits to being active, from improving general health and wellbeing to keeping illness at bay. It also improves the ability to complete everyday tasks, helping people to stay independent for as long as possible. Hildegard is another inspiring example, showing the importance of activity in later life and how we can all help others to be better than ever before.

Adie Blanchard – Researcher