LEO - Thigh Worn Wearable Tech For Sports

Faye Prior | 2014-09-27 07:13:11

Nowadays most wearable technologies are designed to be worn on the wrist or chest, so LEO stands out because it’s designed to be discreetly worn on the thigh underneath your clothing.

LEO tracks all the usuals like distance moved, speed of movement, heart rate and calories burned. But it’s more unique features relate to it’s measurements of the muscle, like muscle fatigue, efficiency and co-ordination. LEO can tell if you’re using your quadriceps more than your hamstrings, and whether the muscle balance between the two is healthy, it can even tell if you’re hydrated. From this muscle data it can tell you whether you’re efficient at what you’re doing, and whether you need to sharpen up on your skills or not.


The more people that use LEO then the better the product becomes, because the device can then evaluate the data collected from all its users to identify trends. For example overuse of the quadriceps when running may increase the risk of a hamstring injury, and the device could then provide this feedback to people with dominant quadriceps action, teaching them how to engage the hamstrings as well.

Since it’s worn on the thigh it’s applicable to many lower body based sports like running, football and karate. However the insights that LEO can provide could also extend its use to physiotherapists to quantify the improvement in recovery after surgery and injury.

If you’re interested in LEO then you have a little longer to wait yet, with shipping expected from April 2015.

Faye Prior (Researcher)