Beddit - Sleep Better, Dream Bigger

Adie Blanchard | 2014-09-22 05:14:21

If you’ve already heard about (or bought) the Misfit Shine, you’ll know that it has set itself apart from most activity trackers on the market, through its simple and stylish design making it suitable for almost every occasion.

Although the Shine tracks sleep to some extent, Misfit Labs have taken their sleep tracking capabilities to the next level with Beddit. Beddit is a sleep monitor which doesn’t require the wearing of a tracker, where the ultra-thin device is placed directly on the mattress under the sheets. All the user has to do is simply sleep on it.

Beddit tracks sleep duration and quality, time to fall asleep, sleep cycles, heart rate, snoring and respiration rate (through ballistocardiography) and also has a smart alarm feature. With data synced wirelessly to the users smartphone for sleep analysis, users are given a sleep score and can set goals and visualise their sleep cycles over time.


Although Beddit isn’t much different from bed based sleep trackers we have come across before, Misfit have yet again done a great job in teaming up with Beddit who have created a sleek and stylish design much smaller, cheaper and more discreet than others.

Sleep tracking through devices such as Beddit may help people to improve their sleep quality, especially for those who often have a bad night’s sleep. On the other hand, it may prove to be a popular addition to an avid trackers set of tracking devices.

Available in a sleek black and white, Beddit is available to buy now from Misfit for around £90.

Adie Blanchard – Researcher