Want To Know When You’re Thirsty? There’s A Wearable For That

Faye Prior | 2014-07-10 04:48:47

The next generation of wearables is evolving and soon we probably won’t even have to think for ourselves anymore. Not only can wearable technologies tell us if we need to relax, take a nap, or see a doctor, now they can tell us when we’re thirsty too.

Researchers from America have been building this wearable device to help masses of people, from soldiers, to athletes and the elderly. The device does this by using lasers which act as micro needles, painlessly taking a minuscule sample of fluid from the skin.

But I can tell when I’m thirsty most of you might say, but not everyone can do this, and the applications are much wider. For example this technology could help elderly persons, who often lose the ability to tell when they are thirsty, going for long periods of time without drinking and suffering symptoms like headaches.

When linking this wearable technology to the new breed of dashboards like the apple health kit, users will be able to identify patterns in their hydration levels. For example someone might notice that they’re often dehydrated after a certain type of workout, in the morning, or in hot weather. This means that they’ll be able to be pay more attention to their hydration, experimenting with drinking more fluids at certain times of the day, to see if they notice a change in their well-being.

This technology doesn’t have a name yet because the researchers are still putting the final touches to their prototype, but when it does don’t be surprised if you start to find it being incorporated in to your new wearables.

Faye Prior (Researcher)