Pelvic Floor Exercises? There’s A Technology For That!

Faye Prior | 2014-10-03 08:36:42

Sorry guys, but this is a post about a product just for women. But you should carry on reading if pelvic floor exercises interest you, because that’s the topic i’m approaching full steam ahead.

Just like we exercise those aesthetic parts of our body like the arms and legs, we really need to pay attention to things that we can’t see either like the lungs and pelvic floor muscles. Incase you didn’t know, these are the muscles in your pelvis which keep the bladder and bowel in place, try and stop your wee half way through and you’ll soon notice them.

These muscles are incredibly important, they help the body manage pregnancy, prevent urinary incontinence, stop your bladder from falling out of your vagina (yes this is possible), and of course they’re important for a good sex life. To keep these in shape women are advised to do pelvic floor exercises, which go along the lines of imagining trying to hold your wee in, and repeating this contraction several times.

For those who take their pelvic floor exercises seriously, Minna Life have developed the kGoal device, which tells you how well you’re doing them. There’s going to need to be some motivation involved, because this is a device you’ll need to insert up your vagina. But there’s a clever air pump system so that you can adjust the size of it to fit comfortably.

From there squeeze away those pelvic muscles and the companion app will give you real time feedback on how well you’re doing, whether you’re doing it right, and suggesting an exercise plan which is suitable for your abilities. The app will then store all your exercise sessions, so you can look back and reflect upon how you’ve improved.

kGoal is proving popular and has already smashed it’s funding goal, and should be available in time for Xmas, retailing at around £100.

Faye Prior (Researcher)