The Smart Cup - What Are You Drinking?

Faye Prior | 2014-07-15 04:47:31

We’re being inundated with new technology. Wearables, tablets, apps and so on. But the next big thing is the smart home, and the technology in this sector is quickly catching up with the likes of wearables.

On first appearances, the vessyl might look like an ordinary flask cup, but on closer inspection it’s anything but. When you pour your drink in to it, the vessyl can tell you what it is, how much fluid there is, how many calories, sugar, protein, and caffeine and so on is in it, it can even tell you what brand of drink it is. It even works for yoghurts and smoothies too.

It automatically records this information, time stamps it, and saves it to your smart phone app. You can check out just how much nutrition, good or bad, you’re getting from your drinks. The really cool thing is that if you want to set yourself a goal, such as to drink less sugary drinks, the vessyl can display a discreet light up line running up the side of your cup when you tilt it, keeping a running tally of how much sugar you’ve consumed so far.

Vessyl have designed this cup to help people to lose weight, by becoming more aware of just how many calories they’re consuming through drinks. The only problem? The price tag. This is probably going to be the most expensive cup in your cupboard, at £59 by pre-order or £117 at full retail price.

Faye Prior (Researcher)