Misfit Shine - Stylish Tracker Design

Adie Blanchard | 2014-05-30 04:21:11

With so many activity trackers on the market today, it’s clear that the Misfit Shine sets itself apart from the rest – by its simple and stylish design.

Unlike the majority of activity trackers, the shine doesn’t display the number of steps or calories burned on the tracker itself (it does this on the app), but it does display the time and progress towards your goal – in a very stylish way. Simply by double tapping the tracker it lights up a series of 12 dots to display progress and time, making it much more discreet than most trackers.

The Shine provides an alternative to bulky trackers that aren’t always suitable, the Shine has been made in a way that means it can be worn anywhere, for any occasion. It comes with a clasp and sport band so it can be worn anywhere from the shirt collar to the blazer jacket, on the wrist, around the neck, at the waist or on the ankle – the possibilities are endless. You can even buy accessories such as a leather strap, necklace and even socks and t-shirts with special pockets made especially for the Shine to fit.


As with all trackers, the Shine tracks activity; steps, calories and distance as well as progress towards your goal through a points system. All of this information is synced with the app, which also has a highlights panel (showing activities, sleep, meals and milestones) and a graph showing activity levels throughout the day.


Another great thing about the Shine is that its waterproof, making it great for tracking activities like swimming. The only problem that comes with this is that the battery is not rechargeable. Whilst the battery does last up to 4 months it also needs replacing which isn’t as easy as plugging it into a USB drive. However, it does improve the likelihood of keeping it on all of the time.

When it comes to activity trackers, the Shine really stands with its tracker and app design. It’s certainly a simple, smart and stylish alternative to activity tracking and finally one that can be worn for every occasion.

Adie Blanchard – Researcher