The Smartest Basketball in the World

Adie Blanchard | 2014-05-28 04:32:04

From smart phones to smart watches and now even smart basketballs…

When it comes to optimal performance, technique is vital and basketball is no exception. 94Fifty is the world’s first Bluetooth sensor basketball that measures any force applied to it. It builds shooting and ball handling skills and delivers instant data and feedback straight to the user’s smartphone – pretty smart indeed!

Although it feels and weighs the same as any basketball, it has 6 sensors, a Bluetooth radio and a battery embedded inside. It even uses a wireless charging pad to recharge the battery after 8 hours of use.

94Fifty measures consecutive dribbles, dribble power, shot speed, arc and backspin and has been designed to improve skills faster and increase confidence on the court. The app then provides instant feedback and helps to improve performance. If the shooter has a low shooting arc the app can work out that they most likely shoot from the shoulder and then advises them to use their legs more when shooting and to raise the release point of the ball. The app has four distinct functions (workout, quick training, compete and challenge) and allows users to set goals, compete with others and track progress over time.

Costing around £250 they might not be a common sight down the local basketball court, but the data they provide is certainly impressive. Despite the cost involved I’m sure most basketball players would want to get their hands on one of these.

Adie Blanchard – Researcher