Smart: The Smart Helmet For Cyclists

Faye Prior | 2014-05-14 04:04:02

LifeBEAM are a company comprised of aerospace engineers and pilots who specialise in physiological monitoring solutions for fighter pilots and astronauts. But now they’re bringing their technology to the ever growing cycling market.

By teaming up with Lazer, a popular bicycle helmet manufacturer, a LifeBEAM sensor is placed at the front of the helmet, gently touching the forehead, which can then detect heart rate. This data is transmitted wirelessly to a small processing unit stored at the back of the helmet, and the results are viewable in real time by wirelessly connecting to devices such as a smart phone, sports watch, or cycling computer.

This is a great alternative for people who don’t like to wear a heart rate monitor strap, and LifeBEAM are still developing their technology for functions such as crash detection, bicycle locator, plus advanced audio and visual feedback.

The Smart cycling helmet is available for £205.

Faye Prior (Researcher)