How Google Glasses Are Invading Health Care

Faye Prior | 2014-06-25 05:01:29

When the rumours of google glasses came to surface, everybody wondered what on earth we’d use them for. Why would we want to walk around in those glasses? What could i possibly want to use them for? It seemed that google glasses would only appeal to the truly technology obsessed, but in fact google glasses are working their way in to the health care industry faster than any one ever imagined. Google glasses have only just been released, so their uses in health care are only just beginning to be imagined and developed, but the uses so far have been pretty cool.

Easier Entertainment For Deaf Persons

Scientists have developed a way for google glasses to display sign language narration in the centre of the lens, making it easier for Deaf persons to watch movies and TV shows with narration.

It’s Helping People With Long Term Conditions

In the UK, researchers are trialling google glasses in people with Parkinson’s disease, because they believe google glasses will help to remind people to take their medication, to make voice activated telephone calls, and to visualise objects on the lens which will prevent freezes.

They Could Help Us Lead Healthier Lives

Imagine on your next shopping trip, if you could hold two nutritional labels in front of you, and your google glasses could instantly tell you which product is nutritionally best for you. No more of that endless comparing. The information available to us is endless, google glasses could remind us to exercise, tell us how to exercise, and give us feedback. It could track the food that we’re eating, and send recipes and shopping lists to our lenses.

Helping The Junior Doctors Of Tomorrow

Surgeons are wearing google glasses to live broadcast their surgery to thousands of student doctors. The students can text questions to the surgeon which are displayed on his lens, leaving him able to read and answer questions about what he’s doing without taking his eyes off the patient.

It’s Sending Hospital Wards Paperless

In America, doctors are walking around with their google glasses on so that they can access patient information files wherever they are in the hospital. No more running around for paperwork here, the doctor can access their patient’s information and view it through their google glasses without leaving their side.

These are just five ways that google glasses are being used for our health care, and the last one alone could revolutionise how doctors work. How long will it be before your GP is left in an empty room with just their stethoscope and google glasses?

Faye Prior (Researcher)